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Increase AdSense RPM with AdSense Custom Channels

In order to make the best out of AdSense, You must take advantage of the tools made available to you. Google AdSense comes with many tools that can increase your RPM and take your earnings to another height. And one of the best tools readily available to you is the custom channel tool. The most enticing thing about this custom channel tool is that it is loved by advertisers and they can be easily adapted to meet your needs.

 What is the AdSense Custom Channel Tool About?

Hearing the name custom channel tool can be confusing. I was confuse the first time i heard of it also. The Custom Channel Tool is a tool loved by advertisers. A simple description of the Google AdSense Custom Channels is that it is a reporting tool on steroids and a much effective way to organize your ad inventory. But the most interesting part about this Custom Channels is that it is able to turn your ad inventory into a target for advertisers, which can further increase your CPC and your revenues at the same time.

The custom channel works differently for different publishers, so it is very difficult to pin point a strategy that will work best for you. But below i shall look at some of the most important things to consider when using the custom channel tool.

AdSense Custom Channel A/B Testing and Analytics

This method is very simple. you just need to figure out which of your ads are functioning best for you and include them to your custom channel. You can find the custom channel in advance report.

By grouping ads into channels you can to keep track of the performance of ad sizes, placements on the page, colors, pages containing this ads, the device used to visit your page, contents around, and other factors.

A/B testing is super easy with the Custom Channel. You test a text ad with another Text ad. You can further request to use a more complex test, some which includes performing a test between image and a text. Yes, this is made possible with the custom channel. The point is about using report to know which type of ad works best for you.

The performance of your Ad depends on your niche. An ad placement that works best on one niche might not work as much on your own niche. So you need to figure out which one works best for you, then apply it on your website.

How to know which portion delivers the highest revenue on your blog

For example, let us assume you have a News blog that contain information on Entertainment News and Fashion News. You can make a custom channel for each section and get to track the RPM gotten from each of this sections. 

If the reports favors Fashion news the most. Then you can make more earnings by creating more Fashion News Post.

You can further more figure out why you are not getting much earnings from the other section with a mind set of enhancing that section.

 A/B test different ad types and placements in these section to know which one will deliver the most revenue. Group your tests as Custom Channels and with time continuously analyse the performance . Ensure to let the ad run for a while before concluding to move to the next test.

How to make an ad inventory targetable with the AdSense custom channel

This is an addition to the Testing offered by the custom channel. Your  online asset can be targetable by advertisers without any problem through the help of
Google Adwords. for example, a fashion company would want to have their ad on fashion related pages like yours and not on the homepage. The point is all about opting for targeting. this well the AdSense custom channel comes in hands.

So what Benefits Do you get from this?

you can offer increasing competition for the better performing ads and ad locations by giving advertisers choice of location, the type and the size of ad. you also get to meet knowledgeable and understandable advertisers. You also get favored because Google select the best performing ad for your website, etc.

How To Set Up your AdSense Custom Channel

Basically, you need to create an ad unit and add it to the  custom channel. You can add as much as you want.

To do this, you simply go to my ads from the AdSense console click on Content => Custom Channel and you will see New Custom Channel. Click on this to create a new custom channel.

If by any chance you feel like ad placement, you  can do so by clicking on Performance Report >> Advance Report >> Custom Channel

Tip to optimize your ad placement

If you love your advertisers, then you should consider optimizing your ad placement. Once you have completed some test on your ad and improve its performance with the Custom Channel features. It is time you let advertisers to win a spot on your ad placement. By editing the best performing channels and you have done your tracking, and select the box  that states "Show this custom channel to advertisers as a Targetable ad Placement

This should not be done right away because too many targetable ad placement is going to confuse advertisers. only choose the channels that gives the best performance. I will further advise that you should make separate custom channel for mobile and desktop version of your website, because most advertisers are device specific.

Keep Testing For Better Result

If you want to be making consistent sustainable money from AdSense then you have do some work. Anyone can post ad on a a website but making the most out of this ad requires a process
The AdSense Custom Channel is not something you can just ignore. It is one of the most important tool at your disposal. You need to keep on testing with it. You have 500 channel at your disposal to play with.



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