Tuesday, March 14, 2017

How To Install Third-party Apps As System On Android devices

Good morning everyone, today I'll be teaching how to install third-party apps as system on android devices, and it's only works on rooted android devices, so let's get started. 

 How To Install Third-party Apps As System On Android 

This steps are not quite difficult so if you take your time and follow it then you'll realise how easy it is, the required tools for this trick is a Rooted android device, File manager App that's has access to root file, if you have all then then you're good to go

Steps To Install Third-Party Apps As System On Android 

1. I'll be using ES file explorer just as an example of file managers with root access available in them, and it's not really necessary to use ES file explorer, you can try out any file managers of your choice. Just incase if you need ES file explorer app kindly click Here

2. Open the file explorer , then swipe to the left hand side to open up the navigation drawer. From there you'll need to enable Root Explorer Option, after that you'll need to grant the superuser.

3.  In the App’s home screen, you need to open up the Internal Storage, and then from there, you would need to tap on the “/” button placed on the top so as to access the system files.

4. After opening opening the "/" , head to the “Data” and then the “app” folder to access all those installed apps on your device. Long press on the folder of the app that you wish to make as the system app and select the “Cut” option from the below.

5. Navigate to the “/” folder again and now open up the System folder from there. Open up the “app” folder from there and then paste the file you cut into the app folder. This would copy your app to the system, sometimes some situations will need to be provided with permission so that the app could work like the system app on your device.

6. For that long press the copied app folder and then open it’s “Properties,” tap on the “Change” button next to the “Permissions” option. You have to make or allow “Read, Write and Execute permissions” from there. Do up the same for the APK file inside the app folder and change it’s permissions too.

7. Restart your device, and then you would notice that the selected app have been made the system app, that’s all!

So that's all on how to install third-party apps as system on android devices,  you could aswell try this with your friends phone or even share this article with them. Have a wonderful day.



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