Sunday, March 12, 2017

5 Reason Why People Don't Like The WhatsApp’s Latest Feature

The latest version of WhatsApp provides the renewed “Status” functionality. This new feature let users use photos and videos as status update elements just like Instagram stories. However, there have been lot of sparking complaints from users about the new WhatsApp update.

Well, everyone recognise whatsapp as an instant messaging app. Well that has changed a little bit with the new updates. The latest version of WhatsAp provides the renewed “Status” functionality. Well, let me tell you with this new feature, users can use photos and videos as status update elements just like Instagram stories.

5 Reasons Why People Don't Like The WhatsApp’s Latest Feature

However, with the arrival of new functions, the old text-based status update feature goes missing. Peoples are giving thumbs down to the new update of WhatsApp. Many users took the issue to the Twitter to express themselves. Here are some of the tweets as of 24th of February.

So, nobody seems to like this new feature. Well, there are several reasons why people do not like the latest WhatsApp Status update feature. Here are the top 5 of them:
1. No Old Status!

Well, WhatsApp had completely removed the old status update feature. WhatsApp no longer shows the old status but instead it shows you the username and the phone number. The old status was used as a subtle medium to spread information like their absence or availability in town. So, WhatsApp’s new update won’t help those from now who expands information to their contact list by updating status.
2. New Update Doesn’t have Place For Words

This was another big problem that users are facing right now. Well, the new update allows users to share videos, photos or Gifs images, but one major problem is that you can't use texts on any image you intend to use. If you want to share something with your friends you have to say it with your photos.
3. Status Stays For Just 24 Hours Then Later Dissappear

This is another strange thing introduced by WhatsApp in its latest update. The new update doesn’t allow users to post text messages and at the same time, it also won’t let you keep the status for more than 24 hours. That means every morning you have to wake up and post a new status.
4. No Contact List Tab

We all can remember that there's  a contact tab next to the Chat tab in WhatsApp? Unfortunately this contact tab doesn't exist anymore. The updated version of WhatsApp removes the contact tab from the app. It not just shows message logo at the bottom which takes you to the “Select contact” page where you will find all your contacts.
5. WhatsApp Gradually Turns Into A Social Media App From Instant Messaging

WhatsApp is always known as the best instant messaging app because of its simplicity. However things have turned around, WhatsApp is now like Instagram, Snapchat and it’s now a social media app because it has similar features to that of other photo-sharing apps like Snapchat or Instagram.

So, these are the five reason why people do not like the new Status Update feature. WhatsApp is making things complicated for its users. So, what do you think about this? Share your views in the comment box below. Well as for me I intentionally went to downlaod the old version of WhatsApp because the new version doesn't really suits my style, so I don't know about you.



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